Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, may be keeping plans about their impending baby under wraps, but that hasn't stopped everyone in Britain from trying to guess the gender and the name of their first child.

If Britain's bookmakers are to be believed, it's definitely a girl - and Diana may well be one of her many names.

The William Hill agency closed the betting on the baby's gender a few days ago after an "avalanche" of bets poured in from people convinced the royal couple is having a girl.


"The secret's out, as far as we're concerned," firm spokesman Rupert Adams said. "It could be because someone somewhere has seen the scan, or someone has heard something."
“就我们而言,这已经是个公开的秘密了,”公司发言人鲁珀特亚当斯说。 “可能是因为某个地方有人看过扫描,或者有人听过。”

While Adams acknowledged there's always a chance the surge was based on nothing, he said average betting patterns over the years suggest there's usually some truth in rumors.

So far, Diana is topping the bookmakers' list as a front-running name - William Hill has put the odds at 4/1. Victoria, Alice, Grace and Elizabeth are close behind, while Albert, Arthur and James are popular guesses for a boy.
到目前为止,戴安娜在博彩公司的名单中名列前茅 - 威廉希尔的赔率为4/1。维多利亚、爱丽丝、格雷斯和伊丽莎白都紧随其后,而艾伯特、亚瑟和詹姆斯则是一个男孩的流行猜测。

"A ridiculous number - 80% of bets taken - are for the name Diana," Adams said. He said he personally doubts Harry would choose a name that so directly evokes his iconic mother's tragic death in 1997 but added: "There's every chance of it being a middle name."

Carolyn Harris, a royal historian who teaches at the University of Toronto's School of Continuing Studies, agrees that Diana could be a middle name. That's what Harry's brother, Prince William, and his wife Kate did for their daughter, Princess Charlotte (the 3-year-old's full name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana).
在多伦多大学继续教育学院任教的皇家历史学家卡罗琳·哈里斯(Carolyn Harris)也认为戴安娜可能会是一个中间名。当初哈利的兄弟,威廉王子和他的妻子凯特为他们的女儿夏洛特公主(3岁,其全名是夏洛特·伊丽莎白·戴安娜)也是这样做的。